"Photosynthesis Research for Sustainability-2014"
June 2-7, 2014
Pushchino, Russia
in honor of Vladimir A. Shuvalov
International meeting
   Домой      Cultural programme

 Cultural  programme



June 5, 2014 has been set for the «cultural programme», which includes 5 excursions. Excursions may be organized only if minimum of 20 persons will request the excursion.To plan the excursion in advance, we would like to ask you to send your requests to Dr. Anatoly A. Tsygankov to conferencepushchino@mail.ru 

A list of excursions:

1. A tour to the State literature-memorial Museum of Anton P. Chekhov in Melikhovo. This includes a visit to the estate “Lopansnya-Zachatievskoey” (the history of this estate is associated with the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, the Dukes Goncharovy and Lanskie. A church of the Conception of St. Anna is near the estate; it is famous for necropolis where Alexander Pushkin was berried, as well as his son and his descendants. The excursion to Melikhovo will start at 11-00; to Lopansnya-Zachatievskoey estate - at 15-00. Price for one participant - 1300 rubles (app. 28 Euro). Departure from Pushchino at 10-00, return -coming at 17-00.
2. A sightseeing tour to the city of Serpukhov. This includes a visit of Cathedral Hill, an acquaintance with Trinity Cathedral, a visit of Vladychny Women’s Monastery and Vysotsky Men’s Monastery (a holy thing of the city Serpukhov is placed in the Monastery, the icon “Inexhaustible Cup”, it helps to cope with illness); an Excursion to Prioksko-Terransy Bison Nature Reserve (Bison Farm); a visit to a Museum of Nature. Excursion to the Nature Reserve will start at 10-00, following a sightseeing tour toSerpukhov city. Price for one participant - 1100 rubles (app. 24 Euro). Departure from Pushchino at 9-00, home coming 15-00A possible stop is available at tavern “Rus’” to drink freshly brewed beer and have a snack.
3. An excursion to Moscow. Walking tour to Aleksandrovsky garden, which includes a visit to the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb with its eternal flame, the Red Square, sightseeing platform in Vorobievy Hills, from which you will get a panoramic (and, possibly, breath-taking) view of the city. Departure from Pushchino at 16-00, home coming at 23-24-00. Price for one participant - 900 rubles (app. 21 Euro)
4. Excursion to Polenovo, a unique place. Polenovo is an estate museum of the famous Russian painter V.D. Polenov. You’ll see an unusual architecture of the house, a work room, a beautiful park, wonderful curve of Oka river, small, but original Bekhovo church. Departure from Pushchino at 12-30, home coming at 19-00. Price for one participant - 1300 rubles (app. 28 Euro)
5. Excursion to unique old Russian town Tarusa with a visit to the Museum of Tsvetaeva's family. Tarusa served as a shelter for artists, people of art and science. Marina Tsvetaeva and Konstantin Paustovsky (the famous Russian poets) lived there. Departure from Pushchino at 9-30, home coming at 18-00. Price for one participant - 1000 rubles (app. 22 Euro).


        During the Conference the participants will be able to take part in other events of cultural program. For the conferees and accompanying persons will be offered such excursions as: the bus tour Moscow city excursion to the Kremlin, Novodevichy Convent, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, State Tretyakov Gallery, and etc. Fare is ??? ruble =??? Euro. (http://www.bestofrussia.ca/moscow.html)


        Tour to Moscow

        This excursion is to get you acquainted with the city of Moscow and its most important and beautiful sights. Anyway you can't miss the city center - Red Square with the Lenin Mausoleum, and Tverskaya Street. Then you will go to the Lenin's Hills, which is considered to be the highest point of Moscow where you will enjoy a great panorama of the city. Continuing the city tour, you will pass along the Kutuzov Street and visit the Victory Park with its fountains and churches.


        The Kremlin

        The Kremlin is the symbol of Russia and the main tourist attraction of Moscow. Once the residence of Tsars and Patriarchs, today it is one of the biggest architectural ensembles in the world, which is included into the UNESCO list. During this excursion you will see the chambers and cathedrals inside the fortress. You will visit some of the churches in the area of Kremlin, walk by the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon and see the unique and priceless collections of the Armory Chamber.



        Novodevichy Convent

        Excursion to one of the Moscow’s most attractive monasteries. Novodevichy, or "New Maidens Convent" in English, was founded in a suburb of Moscow in 1524 to commemorate the liberation of Smolensk from the Lithuanians in 1514. The convent is rather like a miniature Kremlin by its architectural style. Many of the city's monasteries served as retirement homes for royal and noble women, who either chose or were forced to take the veil and remain in the safety of the convents for the rest of their lives. The Tsars and the supreme feudal nobility showed a great interest in the Novodevichy convent, rendering it all possible financial and legal support. The convent has also been a burial place for famous persons in Russian history.


        Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

        The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts is Moscow's equivalent to St. Petersburg's enormous Hermitage Museum, and boasts an impressive collection ranging from Roman antiquities to canvasses by Gauguin. 


        State Tretyakov Gallery

        A guided excursion to the State Tretyakov Gallery, presenting the best collection of Russian fine arts in the world, from the ancient time to the contemporaries. The museum was founded in 1856 by the merchant P.  Tretyakov, who donated his collection to the city. Today the museum houses a collection of more than 130,000 artworks.


        2. The bus tour to Prioksko-Terrasny Biosphere Reserve ( Serpukhov district, Moscow region). Fare is ??? ruble =??? Euro. (http://www.danki.ru/photo.htm or http://www.danki.ru/ptz-e.htm)


        We mustn't forget that Man is a part of Nature and He can't exist beyond it. Green plants play an important role in renewal of atmospheric oxygen (photosynthesis), but they are also very important in maintaining moral health of man.

        Zapovedanie that means imposi-tion of the special regimen without managing is one of the oldest forms of the complex nature preservation. Up to the middle of the last century it had a cult or private character. At the end of XIX century - beginning XX there were some ideas of creating the reserve network that would be subjected to the unique aims and problems. Nowadays there are over 80 Nature Reserves in Russia, 14 of which being biosphere ones and belonging to the UNESCO network. The Prioksko-Terrasny Reserve presenting the Nature of the Central Russia in the international network of Biosphere Reserves got the status of the biosphere one in 1979. Though the area of the Nature Reserve is only 50 square km there are 130 sp. of birds, over 50 sp. of mammals, more than 900 sp. of plants.

        During the tour you will see real native Nature Reserves and beautiful wide river Oka.This tour will give you the feeling of the countryside (especially, after the your busy job).

        3. The bus tour to Yasnaya Poliana which is place where Lev Tolstoy was born in 1828, lived for about 60 years. 


        For many years people came to the writer to talk, to ask for an advice, and sometimes to ask for some money. Here Tolstoy wrote many of his books and philosophical essays. But he was not destined to die in his home. At the stormy night on the fall of 1910 he left the house to look for a simple form of being and life. On his way he got ill and died in a very small train station Astapovo but his grave is in Yasnaya Poliana. The place is located in the Tula region. Fare is ??? ruble = ??? Euro. (http://www.ibiblio.org/sergei/Exs/YasnayaPoliana/yp1.html)